Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder Review


Do you want to buy a meat grinder? But, looking for a compact professional grinder? If like so, then, at last, you reached the right place to find a grinder that comes for your needs. We are here to know about Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder, which is professional as well as compact meat grinder available for you people.

Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder Review

Why do I need to buy this Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder? This is your question right!! Below are the features of this professional meat grinder in a short manner to know the reasons.

1. Construction

The Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder is made with brushed stainless steel construction and it also includes die-cast hopper.

2. Easy to operate

It is very easy to operate this meat grinder with its on/off function along with a reverse switch.

3. Heavy-duty motor

This grinder is made with a heavy duty motor and capacity of that motor is 500 peak watts motor. In addition to that, it requires 500W for input and 300W for output.

4. 3 cutting plates

In order to cut meats in various sizes, it includes 3 cutting plates in fine, medium and coarse sizes.

5. Attachments

This Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder comes with everything you need to start using a grinder. Moreover, it contains 2 sausage attachments.

6. Package includes

The package of Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder contains the following items.

  • Product manual
  • 2 sausage attachments

User Reviews

Lorraine Roberts – It’s not a bad machine. My first time using it I ground chicken to make a chicken sausage and worked ok because my chicken pieces were still a tad frozen. My second attempt to grind pork was a total disaster! The fat kept getting wound around the blade causing it to jam and not perform well, I had to keep taking it apart and cleaning it out. I have learned that you need to have your meat partially FROZEN for it to perform well.

Chris – The meat grinder worked much faster than I originally expected. I was able to process 25 pounds of venison, cut and wrapped in under an hour. I was very impressed. Where I went wrong, was to not read directions. It clearly states not to wash parts in a dishwasher, which I did. This resulted in stripping the chrome finish off the metal parts, leaving the steel oxidized. It still works fine, but just not as pretty.

Kathryn Z Marvin – Works very well, I always stay with this brand because it has the long life that I need from products like this.

Final words

If you have only a small budget to buy a meat grinder but want to use a professional product, then Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder is the best choice for you because this is available at an affordable price, small in size and easy for operations too. Therefore, don’t miss to buy this best grinder for your home.

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If you want to buy this meat grinder, buy it here.

Waring MG105 Professional Meat Grinder Review