Surprising Fruits That Cause Constipation


The constipation is caused because of lack of fiber in the foods, so we need to add more fiber in our diet plan. Most of the people who are following a diet plan mostly caused by constipation, because those diet plans don’t contain required fiber for the body per day. This is the reason why more and more people suffering from constipation and looking for the ways to get rid of constipation problem. So, here are going to know what fruits to avoid in the diet plan.

List of Common Constipating Foods

When it comes to causes of constipation, we will get a lot of factors from lack of physical activities from laxatives abuse. Apart from that, there are some other causes such as weakened abdominal muscles, medications, stress, poor diet and like more. But, the major cause of constipation is what we are eating (read What to avoid for more details).

In order to clear problem with stool, we have to consume more amount of fibers, but people reduce the amount of fiber in the foods for many reasons like losing weight. In such a case, they need to look for some other ways to get rid of constipation problem.

However, constipation has so many symptoms to indicate us about the problem in digestion. Some of the symptoms are an abnormal stool, bloated abdominals, acidity, loss of appetite, and like more.

But, the problem of digestion reflects on constipation and it highly depends on the amount, size, and type of foods we take. When to look at ways to clear this problem, we will get plenty fruits, because fruits contain a high amount of water that flushes out the system and also helps the digestion process.

On the other hand, there are some kinds of fruits causing this problem. However, fruits are not enemies to digestion system, but a wrong way of having fruits results in indigestion issues.


We all know that banana is a good source to clear the digestion problem, especially stools. But, you know unripe banana causes constipation problem. At the same time, banana is rich in starch, and it is very difficult to digest the starch. At such a case, compared with yellow or red banana, green banana contains a high amount of starch.

Therefore, having more bananas may result in constipation.


We all believing that apple cures constipation problem right!! Yes, apples cure constipation, but when we consume it with the outer skin, then there may to problem start on the digestion process and results in constipation. Additionally, apples are not that much rich in fibers and also not cures constipation problem, but simply smoothes the stooling.

Therefore, fruits are not bad to eat, but mistakes in consuming method only lead to constipation.

However, there are so many fruits that help to improve constipation issues and some of those are raspberries, strawberries, orange, prunes, blackberries, avocado, papaya, apple, pears, figs and like more.

Thus, before having fruits, you have to remove outer skin and seeds and also don’t have too much of same fruits at a time.

Surprising Fruits That Cause Constipation