New Balance Women’s 786v2 Cushioning Tennis Shoe Review


The New Balance will be a leading tennis shoe company. The improvement in the footwear will be focused on giving a great comfortable to the player and it is stability to the tennis player with amazing designed shoes. This will improve the shoe fit for player and athletic performance. The New Balance will offer the great combination of cushion and breathability.

Features of New Balance Women’s 786v2 Cushioning Tennis Shoe

You can challenge your opponent player in the comfort-focused cushioning of the New Balance 786v2 women’s tennis shoe.

  • This tennis shoe will be durable yet lightweight 786v2 will use leather uppers and then forefoot overlays to provide extra stability.
  • This will impact on the foot achieved with the combination of CAP and long wear drag tip.
  • You can hit the court both outdoor and indoor and play the game.
  • The new balance will drive to make the finest shoes for the same reason athletes lace them up to achieve the best.
  • This tennis shoe will hit the court with confidence. Tennis will be hard enough to play and you need a shoe that will carry through the match in comfort.
  • This shoe will help you to keep the smooth on your feet and breathable mesh upper.
  • The upper of the shoe will provide the form fitting that will be comforted without any support. This padded and heel will enhance the comfort of the shoe.

The tread design will cover the more surface area that will be around the big toe and it is durable. This area of the tread will be the place to wear out in the tennis shoes. The New Balance shoe will find the wide fit for tennis players. This shoe will replace the insole. This tennis shoe will be highly recommended for the tennis player who has heel pain.


User Reviews

bfkkb – Love New Balance. I use my own orthotic inserts for my shoes because I have a high arch. These shoes are great for tennis. I have a very narrow foot. The shoes are fine when I lace them tightly.

Judith Nicastro – Feels good on my feet. Very light. Feels good on my feet. I have not walked outside yet, but I have worn them around the house.

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New Balance Women’s 786v2 Cushioning Tennis Shoe Review