Bluetooth Headset: What a Great Gift Idea for Truck Drivers


If your loved one is a truck driver and you want to give him a gift for something, then a good Bluetooth headset is a perfect gift. But what is recommended on a budget? So here we suggest you – a short review on a great headset.


While traveling, it’s not allowed to speak on mobile to get rid of accidents, but the Bluetooth headphones make it easy to attend the call during riding in a convenient manner, so there are no chances of a miss to following traffic rules. If you’re would like to buy a Bluetooth headphone, then I recommend you to prefer Ansin Wireless V4.0 Headphones because of its excellent features.

Keep continue to read this review section to find the features of this Bluetooth headphones.

1. Noise reduction technology

It uses digital noise reduction technology, so you will get high-quality stereo audio experience. So, no matter that you’re hearing music or attending a call, you will get high-quality audio with an excellent noise reduction technology.

2. Lightweight design

When it comes to headphones, lightweight design is the most important feature. And, this headphone also meets your comfort on wearing by providing stereo music headphones with convenience to use at any time.

3. Easy to use

This headset makes everything easy in usage such as easy to pair, control volume, answering the call, start or stop the music, adapting between hearing music to attending the call and like more.

4. Ear cap

This headphone comes with three sets of silicone ear cap, so you no need to worry about falling down or comfort level. And, you can use this headset on either right or left ear.

5. Battery life

It works on high capacity Li-polymer battery and supports for 6 hours of playing music, 8 hours of talk time and 180 hours of stand time, but, requires only 2 hours of charging time.

6. Applications

You can use this headphone for multiple applications such as a tablet, laptops, Smartphone, iPad, and other cell phones.

7. Final words

If you want to buy headphones to use while driving, exercising, or at the office, then I recommend you to buy these headphones.


User Reviews

1tampettiford – Very nice Bluetooth Headset, Ansin Wireless V4.0 Bluetooth Headphones HD voice Stereo Earpieces Lightweight Office,Driving, Exercise Earphones In-ear Earbuds with Mic for iPhone & Android Cellphone-Black. This is a great Bluetooth headset; that is very cool, unique and of quality design. The headset came to me packaged very well and undamaged. The headset is incredibly easy to pair with your device, lightweight, comfortable to wear and has excellent sound quality. I appreciate the 8 hours of talk and playtime, the mini ear bud and the built in the clarity of the microphone providing a very clear sound. I also admire the fact that it can remember 8 Bluetooth devices, and can support two devices simultaneously. I am pleased and enjoying this headset, and I highly recommend checking it out. “I received this product at little to no cost in exchange for my unbiased and honest feedback. This seller has no input on my review whatsoever and all opinions are my own.”

Jeffery Henderson – The product arrived on time and was packaged nicely. I opened it up and it had the Bluetooth headset and the charger for it. It also came with an instructions book which shows how to set up the headset. I followed the instructions and connected it to my phone. I tried a practice test and tested it out. I could hear the voice very clearly and it cancels the background noise which is fantastic. I would be definately be using this for a while. Overall this product is great and would highly recommend it.

June Jackson – I’m more than pleased with it. Setup is straightforward, battery life is excellent ( 7 hours talk time ), sound quality very good, bluetooth works at a reasonable distance and its comfortable to wear.

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Bluetooth Headset: What a Great Gift Idea for Truck Drivers