Can a Felon Obtain a Passport and Travelling Abroad?


Convicted felons will have no problem obtaining a passport. A passport will not prove you commit a crime or validate your character. Passports will be identity documents and provide proof of citizenship to a particular country. Convicted felons will apply for a united states passport but the application will be subjected to compulsory based on certain disqualifications. Felons will be further disqualified if they have federal arrest and unpaid loans while in prison abroad. If they will be forbidden by court order to leave the country under a release program for felony drug charges.

International travel for convicted felons

Millions of people travel internationally every year. Anyone who has been convicted of a felony will not be able to leave the country as easily as non-convicts. There will be rules and restrictions regarding the international travel of convicted felons. They will be still always eligible to receive a United State passport. There will be exceptions to the rule though and anyone convicted of international drug trafficking. Aside from these exceptions convicted felon will be applied for and receive a valid united state passport.

In many cases involving international travel will be possible to spend up to 90 days in a foreign country without any other than a passport. Any stay that extends almost 90 days will require the person to have a valid visa allowing them to stay in the county longer. There will be a certain country that refuses to grant a visa to any convicted felon.

Different countries will have different rules that regarding the allowance of convicted felons to enter the country. A convicted felon will not enter Belgium for business without possessing a plane ticket for a return flight to the united state. Romania has a strict rule for entering their country. If anyone intends to stay in Romania for more than 90 days then they will require obtaining an extension of stay. It will be required that the person will obtain an exit visa to end up staying longer than planned after 90 days have passed. If you don’t obtain the necessary visas then you will be subject to expensive fines.

Felony drug convictions

Not all the felons will be barred from applying for and receiving a passport. There will be certain drug charges that will keep you from having your application approved. If you are convicted of a drug-related felony then you will be ineligible to get a passport during the time and this will have an extant passport taken away.

Unpaid federal loans

If you become incarcerated while traveling abroad and then accept the financial assistance in the form of a loan from the united state government. If the government make a loan to evacuate you and your family to the United States then you will be required to pay the loan back before you will get a passport.

International travel will be possible for convicted felons as long as they will not violate country individual policies.

Can a Felon Obtain a Passport and Travelling Abroad?