5 Essential Oils for Runny Noses


There are so many different types of the cold and runny nose is one of the types of cold. This is because there are more than hundreds of viruses in the world that causes infections and results in various forms of diseases. Some of those viruses cause allergic reactions and results in a runny nose. Having runny nose is an irritating thing and better to get rid of it as soon as possible. So, here we are going to know some essential oils for runny noses.

The best 5 Essential Oils for Runny Noses

On the other hand, there are so many treatments from medicines to natural remedies to stop runny noses. When it comes to natural remedies itself, you should get more and more options. But, here I’m going to share you some essential oils for a runny nose. However, all kinds of natural remedies are useful to treat a runny nose.

Before knowing essential oils to deal with a runny nose, you know the causes of runny noses? As I said before, there are many types of cold, and flu is a cold that has a lot of symptoms. However, the common symptoms of cold to determine it and also clear at the starting stage are a cough, runny nose, stuffy nose, mild fever, and like more.

Apart from the allergic reactions, infection on sinus, changes in weather conditions also result in a runny nose. And, allergic reactions also cause the above-listed symptoms. So, people are confused with the allergic and runny nose. Before using the essential oil, you have to ensure the right reason for a runny nose and then try the following essential oil, if you caused by a runny nose.

Nowadays, essential oils also play a major role in medical treatments including treating a runny nose. Below are the five essential oil for runny noses.

1. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is used for many purposes from room spray to medications, so you can use this lavender essential oil to treat a runny nose. The lavender oil has a high power of odor that helps to smooth sinus and clears the infections.

2. Lemon oil

Naturally, lemon contains high quantity of citric acid, which also has the power to heal a runny nose with the help of its antibacterial and antioxidant properties. So, if you have lemon oil in your home, then just put few drops on the nostril and inhale gently to get more drops.

3. Peppermint OIL

We all know that increasing pepper in the foods clears common cold right!! Actually, the spiciness of peppermint fights against with infection that causes a runny nose and clears it. Apart from that, peppermint essential oil features a lot of health benefits too.

4. Cinnamon oil

As like as peppermint, cinnamon also has its property to heal a runny nose, and it is rich in antibacterial property. It fights with viral that causes a runny nose and reduce the mucus on the sinus.

5. Rosemary oil

You know, Rosemary oil is mainly used as a room spray or body spray, but also clears a runny nose by reducing the mucus on the sinus.

These five essential oils help to get rid of runny noses naturally.

5 Essential Oils for Runny Noses